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LightWeight Cyclocross Bike #8: Chris' Colnago

The second Colnago up on the site, this one's scandium. Just making the weight mark, but take a look at the frame size, so thats pretty impressive Chris, good work.

Frame: Colnago Scandium Cross 60cm
Fork: Colnago Cross
Headset: Chris King 1-1/8, blue
Stem: Ritchey WCS 120mm
Bar: Ritchey WCS 44cm
Shifter Right: Dura Ace 7800
Brake lever left: Cane Creek
Wheels: Mavic Reflex Ceramic laced to Dura Ace hubs, 32 spoke
Tires: Tufo Elites
Crank: Truvativ Rouleur Cyclocross 175mm with FSA 44-tooth ring and Salsa ring guard
BB: Truvativ Giga X Pipe
Pedals: Crank Bros Candy C (stolen from my wife -- I will run Candy ti or Candy sl in colors that match the frame for races)
Chain: SRAM PC-89R Hollow Pin
Cassette: SRAM PC-970 12-26
Rear Derailleur: Dura Ace 7800
Brakes: Avid Shorty 6 with Avid Tri Dangles
Seatpost: Ritchey WCS
Saddle: Selle San Marco Aspide

Total weight: 17.6lbs/8.03kg
Pedals should take off another 50 grams ... not bad for a 60cm frame!

Chris said, "Here are the specs -- big thanks to Lou Kuhn (see his Colnago C-50, Light Bike #5) for the advice and support, and for the awesome build he did as owner and head mechanic at The Pony Shop in Evanston, Illinois. Also thanks to SRAM for being a great sponsor of my road team."

Take a look at Chris's blog where he talks about cyclocross stuff as well at
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LightWeight Cyclocross Bike #7: Brian's Specialized

Brian built up a pretty sweet Specialized TriCross and got the weight at 16.13 lbs/7.32 kg.

Frame: 2006 Specialized S-Works Tricross 52cm (1450 grams with seatcollar and headset bearings)
Fork: Ritchey WCS Carbon Cross
Brakes: SRP Mr Grumpy
Wheels: Mavic SSL tubular
Tires: Tufo Flexus
Stem: Easton EC70
Hbar: Specialized Sworks SL
Tape: Fizik microtape
Shifters: Rear Dura Ace 9spd
Brake: Left Dura Ace old school
Cables: XTR
Cassette: Dura Ace 12-27
Seatpost:Easton EC90
Saddle: Specialized Toupe
Cranks: Dura Ace 7800
Ring: Dura Ace 41T
Guard: FSA Carbon guard.
Chain: SRAM PC91HP
Pedals: Eggbeater Triple Ti

weight: 16.13lbs

If you have a sub 18lb (8.16 kg) cyclocross bike, email it to me at
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LightWeight Cyclocross Bike #6: Dave's K2 proto

Numero Seis is Dave's "Giant" cyclocross bike, Dave says, "its a prototype K2 frame that we (i used to work at K2) made for Jonny Sundt. never hit production. My team is sponsored by giant so thats why the Giant decals. :)" Pretty cool. BTW, whatever happened to Sundt?

Frame- Kinesis prototype K2, Kinesium tubing w/ carbon seat stay, 56/56
Fork- Alpha Q
Wheels- Zipp 303
Tires- Challenge Grifo 34'
QR- Mavic
BB- FSA Isis Ti
Cranks-FSA Carbon Pro 38/46 w/ 3rd eye (recently replaced w/ new Dura Ace)
Pedals- Time Atac carbon Ti
Brakes- Spooky w/ Ti bolts
Empella chicken levers (being removed for next season)
Brakepads- Koolstop black
F Der.- Dura Ace
RDer.- Dura Ace
Shifters- Dura Ace (R) Ultegra (L) 9spd
Cassette- Dura Ace 12-27
Bars- FSA RD 200 44's
Bartape- Deda
Seatpost- FSA SLK
Saddle- FSA (San Marco Era design)
Stem- FSA OS 115
Headset- Cane Creek IS integrated w/ carbon spacers

Total weight: 17.8 lbs/8.07 kg

This bike/frame probably has another full season or two in it & I think our team deal with Giant may be ending. So, next year will probably bring new paint & new decals for whatever bike manufacturer we get. These frames handle & ride like no other so I'll be on them until they break or wear out. :)

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LightWeight Cyclocross Bike #5: Lou's Colnago

Light Bike #5 is Lou Kuhn’s Colnago C50 carbon bike. Colnago carbon outfitted with full Dura Ace is a pretty sweet combo. Check out the pics to get a closer look.

Edit: 2/14/06: Lou's lightened his rig to under 16 lbs with a new wheelset.

Frame: Colnago C50 cross 58cm
Fork: Colnago cross
Headset: Chris King 1 1/8
Stem: FSA 0S115 120mm
Bar: Easton EC90 Carbon 44cm
Shifter Right: Dura Ace 7800
Brake lever left: Cane Creek
Wheels: Zipp 202 rims 32 hole, DT 240 hubs, Revolution spokes, tied and soldered.
Tires: Tufo Elites
Crank: Dura Ace 7800 175mm with DA 42 tooth ring and FSA Carbon Ring guard
BB: Dura Ace 7800
Rear Derailleur: Dura Ace 7800
Chain: Dura Ace 7800
Cassette: Dura Ace 12-27
Brakes: Paul's Neo Retro Cantis with Avid Tri Dangles
Seatpost: USE Alien Carbon
Saddle: Fizik Arione

Total weight: 15.98 lbs

If you have a sub 18lb (8.16 kg) cyclocross bike, email it to me at
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LightWeight Cyclocross Bike #4: Josh's Rock Lobster

The first American made frame to hit Plus One Lap is none other than Josh's Rock Lobster made in Santa Cruz California. Weighing in at approximately 17.1 lbs he reports and looking pretty bad ass.

Here's the breakdown:

Frame- Easton scandium Rock Lobster, custom for me w/ 53cm c-c tt and 53cm
c-t st.
Fork- Easton EC90X
Wheels- Zipp 404 Pave
Tires- Dugast 30 cotton
QR- Dura Ace
BB- Phil Ti, Campy taper, 102mm
Cranks- Interloc Carbon 172.5, Campy brankarm bolts
Pedals- Crank Brothers Triple Ti Eggbeaters
Chainrings- Specialties TA 39-46, alloy cr bolts
Brakes- Paul Neo-Retro front, Touring rear
Brakepads- Koolstop black w/ "wedge" trimmed off
F Der.- Dura Ace 7700 brz-on w/ shimano alloy clamp
RDer.- Ultegra 7800
Shifters- 105 7800
Cassette- Dura Ace 7800 12-25
Bars- Easton EC90 Equipe Pro
Bartape- Soma
Seatpost- Easton EC-70
Saddle- Fizik Arione
Stem- Easton EA-50 w/ small alloy brake hanger
Headset- Chris King

It's sweet to have a sub 18lb gallery, there's some cool bikes up there
already! -josh (wunlap on RBR)

If you have a sub 18lb (8.16 kg) cyclocross bike, email it to me at

Other bikes in the gallery:
LightBike #1: John's Morati
LightBike #2: Elmar's Excel-Carbon
LightBike #3: Martin's Moots

Tag: LightBike Gallery: Sub 18lb cyclocross bikes

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Lightweight Cyclocross Bike #3: Martin's Moots

Martin’s Moots titanium cyclo-cross rig is the 3rd “light bike” on the site. Martin reports that the frame is about 7600 grams or 16.75 lbs. See below for more info, specs and pictures.

Frame: Moots Psychlo-X 1642 grams
Fork: Kocmo titanium 592 grams
Crankset: FRM integrated (bb and cranks) 740 grams
Handlebars: FRM 240 grams
Headset: Chris King
Brakes: Paul Neo Retro
Pedals: Crank Bros Eggbeater triple ti 180 grams
Saddle: Selle Italia SLR 135 grams
Computer: Sigma
Wheelset: Zipp 404 1360 grams
Quick releases: FRM ti 72 grams
Tires: Wolber 680 grams
Campagnolo Record Drivetrain

If you have a sub 18 lb (8.16 kg) cyclocross bike, email it to me at

Other bikes in the gallery:
Lightbike #1: John's Morati
Lightbike #2: Elmar's Excel-Carbon
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Lightweight Cyclocross Bike #2: Elmars Excel Carbon

Following yesterday's post of the pretty sweet Ti rig, today is Elmar's carbon cx bike. Elmar reports this bike is a very light 7 kilos----for the American's, thats 15.4 lbs, lighter than most people's road bike for sure. Very nice.

Frame:Excel-Carbon 1360g
Fork : Kuota-Sintema -Mud 520g
Headset: No-Name 52g
Saddle: Flite tuned 148g
Seatpost: Ritchey WCS 198g
Pedals: Eggbeater Triple ti Short spindels 178g
Crankset: thm clavicula inc bb 420g
Frontwheel: tune , martix rim ,24 spokes,alloynipples, 520g
Rearwheel: americanclassic hub,zipp 280 rim 698g
Tires: tufo 310g + 340g
quickrelease: tune front 22g, shimano rear 67g
Cassette: shimano dura-ace 12-27 , 178g
Stem: syntace f99 109g
Handlebar: Ritchey wcs 240g
Front derailleur: Dura-ace ~82g
Chain: kmc x 9 sl
weight ~7,0 kilo=15.54 lbs

Planned upgrades:
Saddle: slr tuned ~ 110 gramm (save 38g)
Seatpost: new ultimate 100 gr. (saves 98 grams),
Handlebar: schmolke 160-170 gramm (saves 80 grams)
which would give him a bike thats about .47 lbs lighter or 216 grams.

If you have a sub 18 lb cyclocross bike, email it to me at

Other LightBikes in the gallery:
Light Bike #: John's Morati
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Lightweight Cyclocross Bike #1: Johns Morati

So, I think there are some bikes out there that deserve a little more
bandwidth because theyre pretty bad ass. And seeing as how I have this
thing with light cross bikes, Im going to start featuring cyclocross
bikes on this site that are under 18 lbs or 8.17kg. If you have a bike
thats under this limit, drop me an email at

Bike #1: John's Morati

A really sweet Euro-titanium rig with matching Morati fork. John
reports that he had a custom steel (read: high end Norcal framebuilder)
fork on there before and that the bike's ride quality improved
dramatically with the addition of the Morati ti fork.

Other totally bling so bright it hurts (bsbih) components are the no longer in production
Sweetwings cranks.

Lastly, John previously rode on carbon Zipp rims and Tune hubs but recently
ordered the Reynolds Stratus DV wheelset. Pretty nice. Build spec and
additional pics below.

Some might argue that the AX Lightness saddle and the EC90 bars would
be too weak for the rugged abuse a cross bike endures, but John being
at 140 lbs doesn't put too much stress on these components.

For more information about some of the components on this bike check out the following:
Write Up about Sweetwings Cranks
Morati Website

Build Spec:
52 cm Morati Frame (1525 grams)
Morati Fork (570 grams with cut steerer)
Sweet Parts Sweet Wings crankset w/TA Specialites rings (38t-46t)
Dura-Ace STI shift/brake levers
Dura-Ace Front Derailleur
XTR Rear Derailleur
Dura-Ace cassette (12-27)
Spooky brakeset
959 pedals
Sram PC-89R chain
Avocet O2 saddle (switched to AX Lightness for racing)
Salsa Shaft seatpost (difficult to find a good 27.0mm one with setback)
Ritchey WCS Stem
Ritchey Bio-Max Pro handlebar (soon to be switched to Easton EC90)
Tires-----Tufo Elite 34mm, Dugast Typhoon 34mm, Schwalbe CX Pro Lite
mud clinchers
Mavic Reflex Ceramic laced 32h to King hubs,
Velocity Aeroheads laced 28h to DT Hugi 240 hubs (for mud),
and soon....Reynolds Stratus DV 20h-24h

Total bike weight: 7893 grams with zipp/tune wheels and 7923 grams projected
with the Reynolds wheelset.
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