Monday, October 09, 2006


Light Cross Bike #25: Tristan's Trek

The first Trek to the gallery, is Tristan's sub 18 lb X01.

Frame: Trek X01
Fork: Alpha Q
Brakes: Cane Creek w/ Swisstop pads
FSA carbon chainring guards
Dura Ace drivetrain
Bontrager XXXlite everything

If you have a sub 18 lb cyclocross bike, email it to me at

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Blogger Marco said...

This post has given me the inspiration to put my XO1 on a diet!

6:13 PM  
Blogger frose said...

As an X0-1 and X0-2 owner myself I can say: very nice bike but...

As a nod to practicality, I suggest ditching the XXX Lite seat post. The nature of the single pivot mounting point makes is a certainty that after a hard remount the tail of the seat will collapse leaving the nose pointed skyward (and the rest of the race decidedly less comfortable).

6:13 PM  
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